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slave away(v)[work] ralar(v)[work](slang)
slave away(v)[work] dar duro(v)[work](informal)
slave away(v)[work] labutar(v)[work]
slave away(v)[work] trabalhar como escravo(v)[work]
slave away(v)[work] trabalhar pesado(v)[work]
slave away(v)[work] trabalhar como um escravo(v)[work]
slave away(v)[work] arrastar(v)[work]
slave away(v)[work] empurrar com a barriga(v)[work](informal)

ENPTTranslations for slave

slave(v)[work] ralar(v)[work](slang)
slave(v)[work] dar duro(v)[work](informal)
slave(v)[work] labutar(v)[work]
slave(v)[work] trabalhar como escravo(v)[work]
slave escravo{m}
slave(n v)[engineering: device that is controlled by another device] escravo(n v){m}[engineering: device that is controlled by another device]
slave(n)[man] escravo(n){m}[man]
slave(n)[woman] escrava(n){f}[woman]
slave escrava{f}

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