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become less(v)[drop off] disminuir(v)[drop off]
become less(v)[fall off] disminuir(v)[fall off]
become less(v)[drop off] bajar(v)[drop off]
become less(v)[fall off] bajar(v)[fall off]
become less(v)[drop off] decrecer(v)[drop off]
become less(v)[drop off] ir a menos(v)[drop off]

ENESTranslations for become

become(v)[behavior] corresponder a(v)[behavior]
become(v)[suit] corresponder a(v)[suit]
become(v)[grow into] volverse(v)[grow into]
become(v)[to begin to be] volverse(v)[to begin to be]
become(v)[grow into] convertirse(v)[grow into]
become(v)[to begin to be] convertirse(v)[to begin to be]
  • become
  • become
  • become
  • became
  • became
  • convenido
  • convienes
  • convienen
  • hubiste convenido
  • hubieron convenido
become(v)[behavior] ser propio(v)[behavior]
become(v)[suit] convenir a(v)[suit]
become(v)[suit] ser propio de(v)[suit]

ENESTranslations for less

less(o)[degree] menos(o)[degree]
less(a)[indefinite determiner] menos(a)[indefinite determiner]
less(o)[indefinite pronoun] menos(o)[indefinite pronoun]
less(o)[preposition] menos(o)[preposition]
less menor